A Pop-Up Jewish Deli

Oklahoma Made × Old World Flavor


Bringing to life old world flavors with a twenty-first century flair. The Seventeenth Street Delicatessen is a hub of community, culture and one incredible sandwich.

The Deli Revolution

What does tradition taste like? It's that magical combination of carefully selected ingredients, subjected to a methodical process and given enough time to blossom. In our kitchen we take heritage seriously. What might have been lost to a generation comes alive as we grab nostalgic longing and turn it into a vibrant, delicious reality. We are not just replicating the past. We are making it our own. And like every generation before us, we hope to improve upon it. A community-based project from its very inception, this is a place to connect, convene and create something fantastic. Join us on our journey.


Grab a pickle out of the barrel. Crack open a cold "Grapette" soda. That is how it was done at the Blend family's "New York Bakery and Delicatessen." For nearly fifty years Louis and Bessie's restaurant was the destination for Jewish food in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A Polish immigrant and son of a baker, it was Louis' bread and bagels that were served in homes and food purveyors all over the city. But with a Kosher food section and a location down the block from the Synagogue, the Blend family restaurant became a hub for Jewish community. A destination for cultural identity, the latest gossip and that warm feeling of home. The Seventeenth Street Delicatessen is inspired by the stories of our past. Today, many descendants of Louis and Bessie Blend are still part of our Jewish community. Together we are making what was once old, new again. 




(918) 973-DELI



Seventeenth and Peoria
1719 S Owasso Ave
Tulsa, OK 74120



Su 11/10 6:00p–7:00p
Su 1/26 6:00p–7:00p


Reservations Required


Call (918) 973–DELI and leave a message, or use our online reservations system